Abandoned single house in Nakhon Ratchasima province. The renovation project came up with the idea of a vacation house resurrection to provide a warm stay during the winter season. The main structure of the building remains unchanged, but the design approach is how to transform it from an old architectural configuration into a modern design.
The roof was changed into a white flat gable roof with hidden drainage, and the architectural decoration was eliminated to represent the remaining architecture. According to the context, the house has two front yards that can be accessed. The one from the private road design kept the old house’s column and created a void for the foyer and interior space.

The room was divided into four rooms. The main foyer on this side connects a double bedroom, a deluxe room, a suite room, and a living space. The interior space is painted in earth tone with travertine tile highlight with the bed cupboard solid colour in each room. Double-height curve ceiling designed from the existing roof form to enlarge the living atmosphere. The living room was placed as another room by the existing planning.

On the other side of the house, facing the village’s main street, was a luminous green view in the morning light. The facade contains plenty of openness to catch the view and the occupant could access the space as a shared space which connects to the terrace outside the house where people could hang out and camp with fireplace.

  • Area: 190 SQM.
  • Complete year: 2023
  • Architect: AA+A

  • Interior designer: AA+A

  • Photographer: VARP